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All members and their guests need to sign in when they visit the Club.
See Guest Policy.


A $100 volunteer deposit check (post dated to October 31) must be provided by opening day. Checks will be destroyed (or returned if requested) upon completion of four (4) hours of volunteer service per membership. Deposits will be forfeited if volunteer hours are not completed prior to November.​  Volunteer now>

Members need to contact the Membership Director with any changes of information such as: family members eligible to be on their membership, phone number, email address, etc. As a reminder, membership as defined by the Club's bylaws as: The adult homeowner(s) and/or the designee of the membership certificate. Minor children for which the adult homeowner(s) has financial and/or custodial responsibility and who live in the member's residence shall also have use of the CGSRC facilities. Adult children of members are not considered members of the Club. However, a member is entitled to transfer membership to their son or daughter.

  • Member Updated Information Form (DOC)​

A member in good standing may inactivate their membership by submitting a written request to the Membership Director (email is fine). Inactive status shall become effective upon the date the request if received by the Membership Director. Once the membership becomes inactive all dues obligations shall cease and all membership privileges shall be suspended. Memberships may be reactivated (based on availability and Membership Director approval) for those in good standing without penalty after a full year has past. Other membership may be reactivated with payment of all back dues, including late fees prior to the expiration of one calendar year.

If you refer a new member you will get a free month's dues and will be entered in the yearly drawing for the next year's dues. Be sure to have the new member let the Membership Director that you made the referral.