For our members health and safety we are temporarily closed. 

About the Club​
Members enjoy these benefits:

  • Activities and Events
  • Clubhouse with Kitchen
  • 25 Yard Swimming Pool
  • Two Diving Boards
  • Kiddie Pool and Play Yard
  • Barbecues and Picnic Tables
  • Adult Swim
  • Certified Lifeguards
  • Tennis  Courts
  • Volleyball Sand Court
  • Seasonal Hours
  • Swim Team
  • Swimming Lessons

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Monthly Board Meeting

Sunday, May 17 (Noon)

We will meet outside and conduct

social distancing during the meeting.

​​Volunteer Hours - Deposit Check Due and Sign Up List

As part of CGSRC membership, members with less than 10 years of membership and who have not served on the CGSRC Board, are required to volunteer four hours to the club. A volunteer deposit check of $100 is due by April 18, 2020 (opening day) and should be postmarked October 31, 2020. If you perform your hours before opening day, a check is not required. If hours are not completed, volunteer checks are forfeited and will be cashed on November 1.
Volunteer opportunities - work days, events, ever popular snack bar - will be available at the volunteer sign up on March 7, 2020. Volunteer clean up opportunities at the Crab Feed are available now. A few reminders:
- Volunteers are expected to stay for the entirety of the shift - Don't hold volunteer slots - multiple sign ups beyond four hours will be deleted - Include the names of all family members who will be working the shift - While it is great your children want to help, please no sign ups of minors If you are unsure if you still need to submit a volunteer check or have any questions, please contact

Hello fellow members of the Cabana Club, 

As we've mentioned before, the Board continues to monitor the guidance set forth by the Governor and the County Health department.  As of now, the state is at Stage 1 of the re-opening plan and stage 3 could be months away according to the governor (we fall into Stage 3).  As things change we will be sure to keep members informed via email, the website, and Facebook. You can click here for more information on the Governor's re-opening plan.

As a board, we are preparing for an eventual re-opening. When that is and what that looks like is the question.  In the meantime, we are continuing to maintain the club, pay bills, make repairs and upgrades as needed, and work on many capital improvements. We do not anticipate a reduction in membership dues for a number of reasons, and because the board wants to be as transparent as possible, we're happy to share those reasons with you. First, the club is owned by the membership and we all jointly have a stake in its continued existence. No one profits in any way from the operation of this club, which means that we do not have any "excess" revenue. The majority of the costs to operate the pool are sunk costs, meaning we pay them whether we are open or not. This includes taxes, insurance, pool servicing, and gardeners. The only significant cost we have when the pool is open is for the lifeguard salaries, but total salary costs account for less than a third of club expenses. While we will have some salary savings due to the closure, our losses in revenue may exceed those savings. At this point, our biggest revenue losses are attributable to canceled parties (our spring school parties are our most profitable) and guest fees.  Additionally, we forecast additional expenditure increases due to increases in minimum wage, the significant increase we are expecting in our water bill, and years of accumulated inflation.  Coming in to this year, we were actually anticipating increasing membership dues in the near future. They haven't increased since the 90's (!) and ongoing maintenance never stops. We do not yet know when the increase will occur, but given the current circumstances, we plan to hold off for now.

Lastly, we will do everything in our power to open this year provided that the governor and County allows us to do so.  When and if we do open, we anticipate that social distancing and other precautions such as limiting the number of people at the club at one time will be very important.  The club belongs to all 307 families and we want to be sure that everyone has the ability to access the pool when it does open. As such, we will not be allowing non-member guests or parties for the foreseeable future. Stay safe, and please know that the board will continue to do our best to ensure that the club is properly maintained both physically and fiscally, and will be in a position to survive the pandemic and the likely recession to follow.

If you wish to provide feedback to the board, we welcome your ideas.
  Please follow this link.

Board of Directors,
College Greens Swim & Racquet Club

Updating Member Information
Your membership is valuable to us and we want you to be up-to-date with all CGSRC activities. For this reason, the Board is continuing our effort to update member records with current contact and family information. If you have not done so in the last year or your information has recently changed, please take a moment to complete the online membership update form. A board member may contact you directly if we have any questions. We appreciate your time in helping us with this effort.